Thursday, December 31, 2009

*Recap of Year 2009*

Today is the very last of year 2009. It is always good for us to look back and review what we had done for the past 364 days beside today (as I believe most of us are doing nothing today coz already holidat mood~).

I started of year 2009 with a brand new job and a brand new position in this company. Although through out the past 364 days there were always hiccups here and there, but I am gladful that I had meet quite a number of interesting people here where some I claimed them as my friend where some, I look at them as a mirror (so that I won't repeat the mistake that was done by them)...

In year 2009, our car were hitted twice, at the same place by 2 different car at 2 different time. Both 2 times also caused us have to changed our rear bumper. Thank God that the car owner who hit us are the one who pay off the bill.

In year 2009 also, I suffered a huge lost when our car were broke in at Carrefour Subang where I lost my brand new laptop, brand new broadband modem, 1 year old Canon Ixus camera (2008 birthday present from hubby), handphone (luckily not expensive handphone), thumbdrive with all photos of Yaya since she is a baby, my brand new Gucci bag (present from hubby after he got his big fat bonus)...

Hmmm.. I guess that's all the bad things happened to me in the past 364 days... Now, happy things!

As all of you know, I become a mother, for the second time this year.. Welcome my 2nd little princess Nur Khairunnisa Bt Mohd Azmir on 27th Sept. Her lunar calender birth day is just 1 day different from my lunar birth day... Thank Allah that I was able to go by normal deliver this time although the gap between my previous pregnancy and this was pretty near. This is the biggest happy news~

Then, just way before the year 2009 want to say bye-bye, me and hubby had viewed and decided to buy a house located at Saujana Putra. It is a end-lot unit with 6ft land at the side, with a very good bargain price. We are going to pay the earnest money later this evening. Hopefully by next monday I will be able to get all relevant documents and start to submit to bank for loan application.

Hmmm... Is that all the happy things that I have to shared? Well, also some other small ocasions from time to time, like Little Princess Yaya's 1st borthday celebration, family holiday trips to Cameron Highland (with my mum & my sisters' family), family trip to Felda Trolak / Hotspring (with hubby's family)...

I think I have had a very wonderful year and hopefully next year would be even a better one~


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