Thursday, December 31, 2009

*Recap of Year 2009*

Today is the very last of year 2009. It is always good for us to look back and review what we had done for the past 364 days beside today (as I believe most of us are doing nothing today coz already holidat mood~).

I started of year 2009 with a brand new job and a brand new position in this company. Although through out the past 364 days there were always hiccups here and there, but I am gladful that I had meet quite a number of interesting people here where some I claimed them as my friend where some, I look at them as a mirror (so that I won't repeat the mistake that was done by them)...

In year 2009, our car were hitted twice, at the same place by 2 different car at 2 different time. Both 2 times also caused us have to changed our rear bumper. Thank God that the car owner who hit us are the one who pay off the bill.

In year 2009 also, I suffered a huge lost when our car were broke in at Carrefour Subang where I lost my brand new laptop, brand new broadband modem, 1 year old Canon Ixus camera (2008 birthday present from hubby), handphone (luckily not expensive handphone), thumbdrive with all photos of Yaya since she is a baby, my brand new Gucci bag (present from hubby after he got his big fat bonus)...

Hmmm.. I guess that's all the bad things happened to me in the past 364 days... Now, happy things!

As all of you know, I become a mother, for the second time this year.. Welcome my 2nd little princess Nur Khairunnisa Bt Mohd Azmir on 27th Sept. Her lunar calender birth day is just 1 day different from my lunar birth day... Thank Allah that I was able to go by normal deliver this time although the gap between my previous pregnancy and this was pretty near. This is the biggest happy news~

Then, just way before the year 2009 want to say bye-bye, me and hubby had viewed and decided to buy a house located at Saujana Putra. It is a end-lot unit with 6ft land at the side, with a very good bargain price. We are going to pay the earnest money later this evening. Hopefully by next monday I will be able to get all relevant documents and start to submit to bank for loan application.

Hmmm... Is that all the happy things that I have to shared? Well, also some other small ocasions from time to time, like Little Princess Yaya's 1st borthday celebration, family holiday trips to Cameron Highland (with my mum & my sisters' family), family trip to Felda Trolak / Hotspring (with hubby's family)...

I think I have had a very wonderful year and hopefully next year would be even a better one~


Monday, December 14, 2009

Black & White Photo Contest

Found out this blog from a friend's friend's friend's list.. Hmmm.. Long connection, huh? Well, that's the interesting part about internet, right?

Since the requirement to enter this entry isn't that fussy, well, no harm trying although I haven't have much of my own photo in my collection ever since I lost my camera + my thumbdrive in September... *sigh*

This is the only one photo of myself that I feel ok (which I know I dont have a pretty face... )

For other friends who wanna try, click on the logo above and it will link u to the original post which will tell u how to enter this contest~ Be fast coz its closing date is on 31 Dec 2009!

me and little princess yaya (princess nisa was still nesting in me back then)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I m a online-shopping freak!!

Was chatting with my cousin - Horyan @ Oyan this afternoon at msn where I posted my shout out "Online shopping, online shopping, online shopping". She was very curious on what I shopped online as she is also kinda into this as well.

So we do some exchanged on the info and I found out that I really do prefer to shop online, compared to conventional way of shopping. Then it makes me to start thinking the rational behind this. And below are some reasons that I think (not sure if this is the real reason) why I prefer to shop online :

1. More convenient, can shop at any time, anywhere

2. No need to be "tailed" by the "over-friendly" sales person at shops / counter

3. No need to wait in the long queque to pay

4. Can compare similar items with a few seller at one glance (just open a few more window or few more tabs)

5. Saving on time, no need to waste time drive here and there, no need to waste time to look for a parking on weekends at shopping complex

Hmmm... the above 5 reasons isn't it good enough for me to be an online-shopping freak? Ohhh, by the way, another friend of mine, ChinChin, she is also another online-shopping freak too!

The latest items which I purchased online :

Barney - Learn numbers with me - purchased from

Barney - A to Z with Barney - purchased from as well

Simple Dimple Stylist Diaper Backpack - purchased from as well

Tudung Syria - purchased from - thanks to Kai for rushing out the items to me~

Pants 4-03563 (Both color) + 4-03439 (Light brown) - purchased from

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

* Latest Update From Me *

Just visited Nurul's blog and realised that I have had no new input into my blog for almost 2 months since my last blog which was 2 weeks after I gave birth to Khairunnisa, my second darling baby.

Reading Nurul's input about her experience and the process of her whole delivering of Baby Raina, bring tears to my eyes~ Very touchy, full of emotions and most important, it brings me back to my very own first-time-normal-delivery-experience which is just 1 months plus earlier than Nurul.

Ohhh.. For those who is not aware, although Nisa is my second baby, but she is my very first time normal delivery because her little elder sister Khairiah was delivered by c-section.

All this while, we the young generation always been told by the old generation that we will never know how to appreciate our mum, until we become one. I thought I had knew when I gave birth of Khairiah. But everything changed, totally CHANGED after I gave birth to Nisa.

Reason why I said so? Only those who had suffered the contraction, the labour pain, and most importantly, the pain a mother suffered at the point when the baby is about to come out (malay says, macam nyawa dah nak tercabut dari badan kita). I felt it, finally.

Hence, to all mothers in this world, you are the BEST!

Will post some pictures of Khairunnisa in my next entry. She is so cheecky now, always want us to talk to her. And also alhamdulillah that Sister Khairiah loves her. Still remember during my pantang period (44 days of suffering at home, can't go out from home), everytime when Khairiah reached home from her babysitter, then first thing will be running to Nisa and kiss her. Then she will be busy playing with Nisa and totally forgot about me. She will only come to me when I asked her, "Kakak Khairiah dah tak sayang ibu ker?"

Oppsss... Hubby is here, time to go to babysitter's to pick up my 2 little darling princess.. Bye for now~

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blacklist & Boycott Klinik Ini!!

Ini adalah luahan hati saya sebagai seorang ibu, sebagai seorang pengguna, sebagai seorang pesakit. Sekiranya ada sesiapa yang tidak setuju dengan apa yang bakal dibaca, sila tinggalkan message, mira akan jawab soalan anda satu per satu.

Sepertimana yang kalian semua tahu, mira telah disahkan mengandung pada awal tahun ini. Dan setelah bertanya sini sana, mira diberitahu yang UMRA is not bad for doing pregnancy check-up. So mira & adik ipar pun gi lahh buat check up kat situ.

Mira masih ingat lagi on my first visit, mira dah beritahu kat doctor perempuan yang seorang nie (well, pada yang biasa buat check up kat UMRA, u all know who I am refering to, okay?) yang mira memang plan nak bersalin di Hospital Serdang. And as a experienced Gynae, she should know that in order for me to salin di Serdang (which is a government hospital), Mira dah tentu akan perlu ada segala maklumat check up selama 9 bulan mengandung, betul tak?

Well, despite mira dah beritahu kat dia hasrat mira nak salin kat serdang, and she didn mentioned anything, so bagi mira everything is ok lahhh. Sebab masa ngandungkan Khairiah, mira pun check up kat klinik swasta & masa nak gi salin tu, just jumpa gynae tu and dia bagi segala maklumat pada mira. So I thought it is going to be the same lahh....

9 months comes and goes. Last saturday morning (26/09/09), my waterbag pecah tengahmalam... I waited will morning, so abang & I pun hantar Khairiah to my in law's place then kita terus gi UMRA untuk ambil segala maklumat yang diperlukan. Minah2 nurse pulak cakap, ohhh, doctor ***** tak ader lahhh.. Since waterbag dah pecah, akak pergi ajer kat serdang, diorang mesti ambil punya...

Dalam hati dah memang angin dah.. Tapi memikirkan risiko pada baby dalam perut, mira & hubby terus rushing gi Serdang. One dah sampai, memang sah kena ader segala maklumat check up selama 9 bulan tu! Or else mana lahh doctor kat Serdang tu nak tahu macammana tumbesaran baby selama 9 bulan tu, kan?

So, terpaksa lahhh abang rush balik to UMRA untuk ambil record tu... By the time abang sampai balik to Serdang, dia cakap, Doctor ***** tu tak nak bagi record tu kat abang dengan alasan, "That record is only for the clinic's own used, I can't give it to you." Apa punya alasan tu????

Sabar ajer lahhh.. Memang dah terdetik kat dalam hati time tu jugak, yang mira akan blacklist & boycott klinik sampai bila-bila masa. Dan, mira akan cakap ngan member2 lain supaya jangan gi check up kat klinik unless memang plan nak salin kat situ.

Ingatkan semua dah selesai dah, kan? Rupa-rupanya ada lagi... Semalam abang nak gi buat surat beranak untuk khairunnisa. Sampai kat JPN, kerani yang proses pemohonan abang mintak abang tunjuk bukti check up... Alahai! Kena gi balik kat UMRA and mintak benda yang sama lagi!! So abang pun gi lahh balik to UMRA, sampai sana around 2pm, minah2 nurse cakap, ohh, Doctor ***** baru ajer balik, abang datang balik around 6pm lahhh...

So, nak jadikan cerita, sebab kita pun tak nak lambatkan permohonan surat beranak, takut kena denda. So, abang pun gi lahh UMRA pada 6pm (sepertimana yang disuruh oleh minah2 nurse kat situ)... Sampai sana, minah2 nurse pulak cakap kat abang, ehhh, abang boleh tak datang esok pagi sebab petang nie Doctor ***** ramai patient lahh... Bukan ker nama nyer b*d*h nurse2 kat situ? Ingat rumah kita kat sebelah klinik tu ajer ker? Ulang alik ulang alik kena pakai petrol, tahu tak???

So pagi tadi sharp 9:30am, abang kluar umah antar Khairiah gi umah mak dia (baby sitter dia lahh) then terus shoot to UMRA. After that abang called, rupa-rupanya nak mintak surat pengesahan dari Doctor ***** tu, kena bayar RM 45!!!!! Isk isk isk... Nie memang dah kes cekik darah, kan?

So, to conclude the whole story, I will never recommend this clinik to any of my friends anymore, and please do remember, don't go to this clinik unless u plan to deliver there. Kalo takat nak buat ultra sound and 4d scanning, mira rasa banyak lagi klinik kat luar tu yang boleh bagi servis yang lagi bagus lahhh!!!

So for this clinik & for this doctor, please look back at the code of ethic as a doctor, jangan asyik fikir nak buat duit ajer!!!! Money that you earn now, will not be able to bring you to a better position when you are facing the Almighty Allah!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A very Unlucky Day~

Entah cam maner nak start cerita nie.. Hmmm... Maybe I should just keep it short and simple...

Monday night after berbuka puasa di umah ibu, abang told me that he wanted to go to Carrefour Subang Jaya untuk beli pelita for umah ibu & apartment. So mira pun okat ajer lahh...

So around 8:15pm kita pun keluar dari umah ibu and reach Carrefoour Subang Jaya around 8:30pm.. Abang pada kebiasaannyer agak cerewet dalam memilih tempat dia letak kereta tapi malam tu, entah kenapa, dia park kat satu spot yang agak jauh dari entrance, and agak gelap as well.. But deep in my heart, tak ader aper-aper kot, sebab pak guard ader...

So kita pun turun lahh dari kereta and pun entah kenapa, malam tu, mira boleh hanya bawak turun wallet mira ajer, my Gucci bag, my handphone, my laptop yang amat baru (tak sampai 1 bulan), my celcom broadband (yang baru 3 hari mira beli), semua tu mira boleh tinggal kat dalam kereta...

So we went in Carrefour to buy things that we need, kluar dari counter and headed to carpark around 9:30pm... When we walked towards the car, I have that weird feeling that suddenly hits me.. When kita sampai ajer kat kereta, the first thing i look at was the mirror pintu belakang and true enough, it was broken!!!

So i shouted at abang, "Abang, laptop dah hilang!" He rushed over and the pak guard pun datang.. Cara pak guard tu memang buat saya kurang senang hati... Pak guard dengan selambar boleh cakap, "ohhh.. tadi ader owner kereta lain beritahu saya ader budak main laser kat area sini, saya sampai sudah nampak cermin kereta nie pecah..." Adehhhh!! What kind of management is that??? Dalam marah, mira masih ingat nak call maxis to block my sim card, call bank to temporary stop all transaction (sebab tak tahu aper lagi yang ader kat dalam bag mira tu)..

Aper-aper pun, kita dah nekad, boycott Carrefour!! Dah tak nak masuk sana shopping dahhh~ The guard can just say things like that, without taking any further action... At least inform the management so that they can announce the car number & we are aware of earlier and bukan kita dah sampai kat kereta baru nak cakap benda-benda cam tu...

Anyhow, benda-benda yang dah hilang, memang tak mungkin akan dapat dicari kembali... But then, I am glad that none of us were hurt and its just a burning hole on our pocket lahhh~ Dah lah dekat nak raya dahhh~

Thats all for the moment~ So member2, please forward me your mobile phone number next monday (as I can only get my replacement phone on sunday)... And sorry leh tak dapat nak wish sesiapa this raya sebab handphone tak der~~~~ >_<"'''

Friday, September 4, 2009

Buka Puasa @ K3K SS15, Subang Jaya

~orange juice that come together with the kiddie meal~

~Khairiah main toys yg ada di K3K~

~Desserts yg tidak berapa menarik & sedap~

~Red bean iced blended - Abg's order~

~Spicy Hakka Mee - Mine!!!~

~Bento Kaya + Char Kueh = YUMMY!!~

~Kiddie meal for Khairiah.. Last2, abg makan satu, mira makan satu, abg ai makan satu~
Semalam abang sms, tanya nak buka puasa kat maner... At first kata nak buka puasa kat gerai2 nearby ss13 (nearby umah mak yg jaga Khairiah).. Then entah naper, tetiba abg sms & tanya, "or syg nak buka puasa kat K3K?"... Terfikir gak, sebab sebelum bulan Puasa, memang Mira pernah janji ngan abang nak bawak dia gi try makan kat situ...
So last2, we went to K3K, & abang ajak lahh member rapat dia sekali, Abang Ai to join us together... In fact, we wanted to get all our buddies to come, tapi ader yang masih ader kat office, ader yang dah sampai kat umah, ader yang dah ader planning lain... So, only abang, me, Khairiah & Abang Ai (wife Abg Ai, Kak Ruby lak kebetulan ader seminar in her office... )
Basically, the food is ok compared to JomBali @ Carrefour Subang Jaya (ohhh.. kita buka puasa kat JomBali on Tuesday, the food is great! I enjoyed the Seafood Mee Kari so so so much!!), the environment pun ok-ok ajer.. Sebenarnyer kita nak duduk kat tingkat atas, tapi diorang tak bukak.. Only open ground floor ajer...
Itu ajer update at the moment... Chaoz!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Khairiah - Dah pandai berjalan dah kakak!!

Kakak Khairiah dah pandai berjalan~ Walaupun Tok Ayah kata, dia jalan macam penguin~~

Hahahaha! Sekarang nie, kerja Mira & hubby tiap tiap hari ialah kejar Khairiah dari belakang~ takut entah aper yang dicapai oleh dia~~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sekitar Majlis Perkahwinan Lisa - Ady

Genap 5hb Julai 2009, Lisa adikku di office lama telah selamat "naik pangkat" jadi isteri orang... Memang cantik sangat Lisa hari tu~ Almost tak cam muka dia sebab lawa sangat berbanding ngan dia masa kat office (kalo nak tahu muka Lisa yg simple, sila gi blog Nurul)...

Di sini, mira doakan agar perkahwinan Lisa-Ady, kekal bukan sahaj hingga ke anak cucu, but biarlah sampai ke akhir hayat.. Amin....

Monday, June 8, 2009

My 2nd Little Angel~

Hmmm~ It has been 24 weeks and my baby is growing in my stomach, healthy and happily (by the way baby kicking and moving in my stomach)...

Went for full detail scan (includes 3D scanning) last saturday at UMRA. Sampai dah memang lewat, around 8pm.. Tunggu punya tunggu, last-last sembang ngan akak seorang nie yang mira tengok pun asyik menunggu dari time mira sampai... Sekali ditanya, baru tahu dia pun nak buat full detailed 3D scanning... And surprised! She was there since 7:00pm!!! Aduhhh! Last-last, kitorang tunggu sampai 9:30pm baru lahhh nama mira dipanggil~~
Masuk ajer kat bilik, doctor terus suruh baring kat atas katil.. Very friendly Medical Officer. But then was told that I was having placenta previa (uri dibawah).. Risau, risau.. Lepas nie kena cari tukang urut untuk perbetulkan kedudukan uri nie...

So the 3D scanning start... Best sangat tengok baby kat dalam perut, aktif bergerak, sama macam kakak Khairiah dia.. Ohhh! 99% confirm Khairiah akan dapat adik perempuan~

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cupcake for my lovely hubby~

Hari nie, hari jadi abang kesayangan yang ke-33... Since kita bertiga (abang, mira & khairiah) ajer yang akan menyambut hari jadi dia, so teringin pulak nak beli something different from the ordinary birthday cake..
Da dah! This is the birthday cupcake khas buat abang! Hope he will like it~
Tapi..... hadiah untuk dia, tak beli-beli lagi~ Nak gi cari joran baru tapi kat Subang Parade dah 2 hari berjalan, tak ader ajer... So maybe akan bawak dia gi jalan kat Jusco Bkt Tinggi ahad nie, then suruh dia pilih hadiah sendiri kot.. (sounded so not romantic lahhh)....
Happy Birthday, abang!!
With lots of luv from Mira & Khairiah & baby yg bakal lahir pada bulan sept nanti!!
p/s : this cupcake was ordered from Sha of! Thanks Sha for the lovely design~~

Monday, June 1, 2009

Koleksi Terbaru Khairiah~

muka marah sebab ibu asyik nak ambil gambar ajer~

suka sangat tgk muka Khairiah cam nie

my favourite shot of all~ so loving lahh Khairiah & Abang

muka masam sebab baru lepas kena marah...

muka tak nak kawan ngan ibunyer

manja time with ayah!

muka dah tembam balik after mak kesayangan dia jaga dia kembali

boring main seorang2 sebab ayah & ibu sibuk melayan tv

u dont get it, u dont get it

sengeh disebalik tin-tin dia
Inilah gambar-gambar terbaru Khairiah yang sempat mira rakamkan dalam sebulan nie.
Sibuk sikit ngan kerja as well as penyakit malas itu sering datang melanda...
Baby dalam perut, alhamdulillah, sihat ajer. Dah boleh rasa dia berenang dalam perut nie.. Dia nie pun sama cam kakak Khairiah dia jugak, masa ayah dia tak ader, sibuk berenang, bergerak-gerak.. Tapi time ayah dia pegang perut mira, time tu lahh dia senyap, tak nakbergerak sikit pun! Sian kat ayah dia...
And alhamdulillah jugak lahh, so far, Khairiah tidak menunjukkan sebarang kemungkinan yang dia tak suka pada adik dia nie.. Sebab mira selalu pesan kat dia (sedangkan tak tahu lahh dia faham ker tidak aper yang kita cakap kan), tak lama lagi Khairiah akan dapat adik. Walaupun dah ader adik nanti, ayah & ibu akan tetap sayang Khairiah macam sekarang nie. Then sayang yang ayah & ibu bagi kat Khairiah, Khairiah kena share ngan adik....
So, karang nie, whenever mira suruh dia sayang adik, Khairiah akan usap perut mira yang makin hari makin besar itu~~ Kadang-kadang siap cium kat perut mira lagi!
Itu ajer lahh coretan buat kali ini~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cameron Highlands 01/05/09~03/05/09 (Day 2)

Day 2 started with me being awake by noise from outside of my room while Khairiah & abang still in their sweet dreams. Opened the door and saw Nancy & mum was all dressed up and ready to go together with Oscar. I looked at my watch again, goshhh! Its only 6:00am! So just out of curiousity, asked where do they want to go... Seems like mum want to go and have her morning walk at the vegetable market which is just around the corner from our apartment.
So I went back to my room and decided that it should be time to go shower and get ready. The water was so cold (although there were heater but there are times where the water were just as cold as ice!!) After I finished showering, my little Khairiah had already woke up, coz the big brother Alex came in and disturbed her... Get her all dressed up as well, then only I woke up abang.
Mum, Nancy & Oscar came back from morning market around 7:30am and was told that nothing interesting. So we decided to walked up to Cactus Farm after breakfast at hotel (since bro in law's car still under repair and will only be available in the evening). When we arrived at the breakfast area, it was so PACKED!!! Most of the food served were finished and we had to wait for the refill to come. Finished eating around 10am then proceed to the front desk to extend for another night of stay and it cost us another RM 450...
Walking up to Cactus Farm, looking around at the small stalls along the roadside, bought some fresh veggie (salad to be exact), curi-curi plug off a few strawberries without paying for it, bought some cactus for my mum in law also for my sis in law... We spend almost the whole afternoon at Cactus Farm coz it is quite huge.
Ohhhh~ We got to taste their custom made strawberry ice cream (something like ais krim potong). Nice and as usual, my little Khairiah just loved it so much until mum was scolding me for giving her too much of strawberries!!
From Cactus Farm, we straight away went to Pasar Malam (yes, pasar malam, again!) and grab some food for dinner as we dont intend to go anywhere for the rest of the day. Saw this stall selling pork-free char kueh tiaw and it just smells so nice. So everybody was lining up and order for their own preference (with prawn, with "hum", with eggs, with veggie, etc etc etc) And it was so lucky that we actually decided not to go anywhere that evening coz the rest of the day, Cameron Highlands was having a very heavy rain until the next morning!!
We dozzed off and went to our dreamland in breeze and cold weather~

Monday, May 11, 2009

~Survey Review~

Hmmm... Lots of u must be thinking, what kind of survey review I am talking about. Well, as an ISO certified company, we need to conduct a yearly survey and last few weeks, HR had conducted a "Employee Satisfaction Survey".

Inside this survey, include the likeness / dislikeness of subordinate towards their direct superior, employees' views on the current benefits provided by the company, etc etc etc~

To my surprise, when I was rated by my own staff, I was at the 2nd LAST!!!! I never want to be at the top, but never expect to be at the bottom!! I just can't imagine that.

And to make things more funny, when I was rated by other department, I was actually at No 2 from top... You see what I mean?

This is really like Yo-Yo.. Up and down, and then up again~~~

The review will be on 13/05.. HR had told me that boss found it very surprising that I was at the bottom and request her to conduct some "investigation"... I am so depressed right now! Goshhh~