Wednesday, December 2, 2009

* Latest Update From Me *

Just visited Nurul's blog and realised that I have had no new input into my blog for almost 2 months since my last blog which was 2 weeks after I gave birth to Khairunnisa, my second darling baby.

Reading Nurul's input about her experience and the process of her whole delivering of Baby Raina, bring tears to my eyes~ Very touchy, full of emotions and most important, it brings me back to my very own first-time-normal-delivery-experience which is just 1 months plus earlier than Nurul.

Ohhh.. For those who is not aware, although Nisa is my second baby, but she is my very first time normal delivery because her little elder sister Khairiah was delivered by c-section.

All this while, we the young generation always been told by the old generation that we will never know how to appreciate our mum, until we become one. I thought I had knew when I gave birth of Khairiah. But everything changed, totally CHANGED after I gave birth to Nisa.

Reason why I said so? Only those who had suffered the contraction, the labour pain, and most importantly, the pain a mother suffered at the point when the baby is about to come out (malay says, macam nyawa dah nak tercabut dari badan kita). I felt it, finally.

Hence, to all mothers in this world, you are the BEST!

Will post some pictures of Khairunnisa in my next entry. She is so cheecky now, always want us to talk to her. And also alhamdulillah that Sister Khairiah loves her. Still remember during my pantang period (44 days of suffering at home, can't go out from home), everytime when Khairiah reached home from her babysitter, then first thing will be running to Nisa and kiss her. Then she will be busy playing with Nisa and totally forgot about me. She will only come to me when I asked her, "Kakak Khairiah dah tak sayang ibu ker?"

Oppsss... Hubby is here, time to go to babysitter's to pick up my 2 little darling princess.. Bye for now~

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