Friday, February 27, 2009

My first photo edit result

Thanks to my friend, Kylie, for sharing with me the photo editting thingy~
Even though it is just simple, but I guess it will make me addicted to it very soon~
Watch up! More to come!!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Perkahwinan Mira (14/04/07)

Tanpa disedari, dah nak masuk 2 tahun mira sah menjadi isteri kepada insan yang bernama Mohd Azmir Bin Md Dahari. Namun, ader ramai lagi member2 yang tak pernah tengok gambar2 masa kita kahwin.
Anyway, I have include a slide show for both akad nikah session and our dinner session (both on the same day!) Tak larat nak buat 2 hari, mesti letih giler!
I really want to thank family abang (ayah, ibu, kak long & family, bang ngah & family, kak lang, bang teh {walaupun tak hadir}, kak cik & Abg Zaman {Abg Zaman is our photographer as well!!}, miza & family {time tu miza baru lahirkan lutfil, so Farid & Darwish ajer yg ader) & nor). Tanpa kalian, the wedding dinner & the ceremony will not be so success!
And to my family members (ah ba, mummy, my sis - Nancy & family, Jessica & family, my dearest brother a.k.a ah ko, Jackie, my aunties, my cousins & their children). Thanks for coming for the Akad Nikah ceremony, especially for the ladies, it must be the most difficult day coz all of u have to put on selendang to cover the hairs. Not to forget, a special thanks to my lovely cousin, Yan and her fren Puteri (Put). Put had last minute kena tarik jadi my pengapit for Akad Nikah session!
Also, thanks to Mat Jan (anak segera kita) yang menjadi pengapit untuk abang!
Last but not least, to all my friends yang hadir pada majlis makan malam di Kelana Jaya Seafood, thanks!! The event will not shine without you all!
Love you all lahhh!
p/s : nak loadkan gambar but then cd tertinggal kat umah~ So layan jer lehhh webshot nyer slideshow, okay?

Tentang member2 di tempat kerja lama ku

Hari ni terasa nak cerita sikit pasal member2 yang pernah mira keje bersama di kompeni lama yg turut digelar "APC" (Ah Pek Company)... Oppsss... Harap2 boss, anak2 boss tak erti nak baca blog blog ni ek... Kalo tak, masak lehhhh....

Okay, Mira join APC nie pada Apr 2004 sampai lahhh Oct 2008 (time tgh nak Raya). Sepanjang 4 tahun lebih bertugas kat situ, ramai jugak lahhh rakan sekerja yang menjadi member (kan ada kala nyer walaupun rakan sekerja, tapi kita tak akan jadi rapat?)

Di antara mereka2 yang masih Mira keep in touch, termasuk lahhh staff2 yang Mira kenal masa Mira baru masuk, which include my manager, Ms OSK (she is NOT the owner of OSK Security, okay? And dia pun dah blah lama dahhh pun), then Ms YWH (dah blah jugak, office baru dia, dekat ngan office baru mira gak), then Joey (yg baru selamat lahirkan anak keduanya pada Jumaat lepas, Congrats!!), also GC (she is now with Secret Recipe!!), not forget, PeiPei my senior back then and then. Juga Kak Elly yang masih keje kat APC lagi! Ahhh! Zam yang masuk keje sekali ngan mira!

Lepas batch nie meninggalkan APC satu per satu, ader pulak staff2 baru yang join.. Ada Priscy, Voon, Chin2, AiLee, Charmaine yang sampai karang nie pun masih selalu berjumpa, gathering, makan2.... Best, kan?

The last year of service, selepas Mira balik dari maternity leave, ader lahhh staff2 yang pangkat adik2 pada mira yang agak rapat ngan Mira... Nurul, Lisa, Hafiz, Zuliya, Faezah~ Diorang nie memang best ahhh, sebab sama cam mira, kepala giler2 sikit~

Hmmmm~ Just release that I forgot to mention a few more staff who is being so fun and nice! Kak Pam, Esther and Uncle Jerome!! Especially Uncle Jerome & Kak Pam, they always like to start off their day by arguing with each other!!

Just wanna tell all of you whose name being mentioned on top, I love u guys and the memories will always be in my heart forever!!

p/s : rupa2nyer ramai jugak lahhh mira dapat kawan dari APC nie...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Help Needed!

My little princess is going to turn to be 1 year old by next month and both my and my hubby is planning to throw a small celebration for her at her grandma (wan) house.

We had basically planned everything and now left only the birthday cake which we have yet to order. I personally doesn't feel like ordering from the normal cake house and wanted so much to try some home-make cakes that can be order online.

So, just wonder anyone of you have any ideas / contacts that I can inquire about this?

Thanks a million!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby, its a miracle!

Had promised my sis-in-law, Miza, to go UMRA for pregnancy checkup yesterday (it is so coincident that both of us conceived at almost the same time). Mine will be the normal checkup while she has to go there for her 2nd hormone injection. Pity her on all the suffers that she has to go thru for this pregnancy.

So, after work, as per plan, hubby came and fetch me then we headed to babysitter's house to fetch princess. After that, we headed to Ibu's house @ SS14 to meet up with Miza. Masa sampai kat umah Ibu, the whole house was gelap gelita. Terkejut jugak sebab setahu kita Kak Long memang ader kat umah ibu bersama ngan bibik. Sekali tengok, rupa-rupanyer orangnyer ader, cuma lampu luar terlupa nak pasang!

Masa tu, dah dekat waktu Maghrib, so kita pun sembahyang Maghrib sementara tunggu Miza & Farid sampai. They arrived umah ibu around 8pm, mira & abang pun cepat2 makan nasi goreng ayam yang dibungkus oleh Farid and there we go heading to UMRA.

Sampai2 ajer kat UMRA, duhhhh! There are so many people already there waiting! Mira pun aper lagi, cepat2 pergi register (sebab first time check up kat situ). Then we sat there and waited for our turn, lama lahh jugak, almost 1 hour later baru sampai turn kita. Miza masuk dulu, sebab dia special case & kena injection. Not long after she came out, my name was called.

Memang lahh Mira dah checked by myself (using pregnancy test) and confirmed am pregnant. Tapi dah masuk dalam bilik doktor, still rasa nervous gak. Takut test result tak betul, this and that. After doctor asked all the medical background questions, my turn pulak tanya soalan cepumas! After ding dong ding dong, she asked me to go and baring kat katil sebab nak scan.

Masa kat atas katil tu dan menunggu utk scanning tu, memang berdeyut kencang gak lahh jantung mira nie. Then she put the equipment on my tummy, and there it is, the little janin yang telah terbentuk!!! Doktor Ummul siap bagi kita dengar denyutan jantung dia!!

Memang best giler ahhh!!! Tu print out of the scan, sorry ek, tak clear, sebab memang asal nyer tak clear sangat pun! But memang best ahhh!!!! Heheheheeh~
That's all for now~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Office

As a working adult, we "normally" spend 9 hours in our office, minus 1 hour lunch break, that would be 8 hours sitting in front of PC, and working. I guess I am the"unlucky" one, coz I spend more hours in the office.

Why? First of all, for those who do not know yet, I had sold my car almost a year ago before my princess was born (coz back then and then I was working at the same office as my hubby). In result of that, my hubby will send me to office first before he heading to his office in Kelana Jaya. That means I will normally reach my office around 8am (office hour starts at 9am).

I am not those people who like to minggle around, so I will just sit at my place, on my PC and surf internet (as usual lahhh~). The ding dong 9am, start work. Being in the accounts department means lots of computer works. I think this is one of the reasoon why my short-sighted (rabun) is getting bad~

Lunch time? Going out? Ohh no! It is so hot out there and plus, the nearest food court need us to drive out, walking is okay, but we will ended up sweating like h*ll lohhh. So most of the time will be eating in my office. After the quick lunch, again, internet session!

2pm, resume work until 6pm plus. Normally hubby will arrive my office around 6:35pm. After calculating, i think i spend 10hours plus in the office!!!

Can somebody tell me whether is this healthy or not?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Little Princess

Normally at this hour I had already be in hubby's car heading to fetch my little princess, Khairiah. However, I am stuck in the office today, still waiting for my turn to meet my boss (seems like he is such a busy man!!! Tunggu dari pukul 3 petang sampai karang nie tak sama turn mira lagi... Sabar, sabar!!)

Back to the story. Khairiah is now 11 months and 4 days old and she is extremely active, naughty, etc etc etc. If I scold her, she will not look at me for a while or until I talk to her back (in a nicer way). If I hit her for her bad behavior, she will keep quiet but start to cry when she sees her father.

Yesterday after we fetch her and on our way home, she was happily playing her toy and suddenly (don't know why) she hit me on my face. I took her hand and I hit her twice at her palm. Goshhh!! You won't be able to imagine how loud and how pity the way she cried. As if like I hit her very strong.

Next month she will be turning 1 year old and soon, she will start to walk. OMG! Walk??? I guess that will be the starting point for my good exercise!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dinner @ Shogun Sunway Pyramid

My friends and I had been planned to have gathering since before Chinese New Year. But since everybody was busy back then and then, so we had decided to have gathering during CNY (as long as before Chap Goh Mei). So, we had finally marked down the date of 5th Feb as the date for us to meet up.

Ohhh... Not to mentioned, the hassle we had when it comes to the venue. We had started with Shogun Pyramid, then someone suggested Tenji @ Hartamas, but unfortunately, their promotion only meant for lunch and we can only meet up during lunch on weekends where some of us have to head back to hometown on weekends. So, Tenjo was off the table. Then, come Eyuzu @ Eastin hotel which we were all so fancy about it and so eager to go there and try out. Then only we found out that the buffet was only meant for weekends. Again, no choice but to take Eyuzu off the table. Then we come across Momo @ Damansara, again, same issue, buffet only meant for weekends. Duhhhh!!!! Finally, we decided not to look anymore, maybe we were meant to go to Shogun Pyramid!

So, 04/02 came and guess what? Both my hubby and I were on MC!!! We were down with very bad flu and fever. However, since we had been long for this gathering, we had dragged ourselves to meet up with the rest there. Anyhow, we were there and having good time chit chatting while my little princess busy dropping this and that. And poor thing my hubby who has been 100% taking care of her which ended up he is still hungry after that (coz he didnt really eat anything at all)...

I don't have a chance to snap any photos on the food (also partly becoz I was way too busy eating them, instead of taking photo of them... Hahahahah!) But then one thing that all of us realised, was, since Shogun Pyramid was considered quite new (I think they started somewhere last year or late 2007)... But why all their plates are cracked one? I can hardly spot one plate which is okay one... Also, it is too crowded (space wise).... But whatever it is, dining is more of who we dine with... Since I am dining with all bunch of fun people, so the dinner ended up fun and great!

But then, will I pay another visit to Shogun Pyramind? I am afraid my answer will be "no"....

It's my blog, finally!

I had always wanted to start my own blog to journal down my everyday's activities, or even just to journal down anything that I feel like sharing. After been putting aside for so long due to my tight schedule of work, I had finally make it, now! I used to keep a blog thru but somehow rather it has been stopped for quite a while (mainly because there are things that I don't want certain people in my friends list to know or read).

Hmmm... I have a big dilema now. Should I keep my blog in English, Malay or Chinese? I think I can put aside Chinese as most of my friends can't read Chinese... So, English or Malay? Any suggestion?

I just being told by my staff that something happened and need me to attend to it now... Guess I have to sign off this very first entry at here. Watch out as more and more entry will be posted in here, soon!