Monday, December 14, 2009

Black & White Photo Contest

Found out this blog from a friend's friend's friend's list.. Hmmm.. Long connection, huh? Well, that's the interesting part about internet, right?

Since the requirement to enter this entry isn't that fussy, well, no harm trying although I haven't have much of my own photo in my collection ever since I lost my camera + my thumbdrive in September... *sigh*

This is the only one photo of myself that I feel ok (which I know I dont have a pretty face... )

For other friends who wanna try, click on the logo above and it will link u to the original post which will tell u how to enter this contest~ Be fast coz its closing date is on 31 Dec 2009!

me and little princess yaya (princess nisa was still nesting in me back then)


  1. Hi, selamat berkenalan..Welcome u to visit to meet u :)