Monday, January 11, 2010

Lunch @ Rakuzen, Subang Jaya


~Cup of tea~

Udon set - Soraya's

The sushi in Udon set

The Chicken Terriyaki Set - Ee Loo's

The Beef Tepanyaki Set - CM's

The Unagi Set - Joeey's

Shirley, Soraya
Ee Loo, Joeey & Me
(CM the cameraman)

One fine afternoon, we decided to went to Rakuzen @ Subang Jaya for lunch, despite knowing that we might be back to office late due to the heavy traffic around SS 15, Subang Jaya. Our craze over japanese foods are above all the hussles.

Upon arriving, since we have 6 of us, we have to wait for the table (since we were so clever, went there without reservation). Around 1:20pm then only we got our table and start to order...

Everything on the menu looks so delicious and yummy (wonder if it is my stomach is empty or really is look nice) So we ordered and all the foods pictures are as above except for mine coz when the food arrived, I am too hungry and eat it all forgeting to capture a picture of it.

The food, average.. Not as nice as what I had at Euyuzu @ Eastin Hotel before. Joeey told me that Tomoe @ the corner shop same row with Rakuzen even taster better. Hmmm.. Guess our next stop would be Tomoe...

Am still waiting for a chance to try out the buffet at Tenji...

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