Thursday, December 3, 2009

I m a online-shopping freak!!

Was chatting with my cousin - Horyan @ Oyan this afternoon at msn where I posted my shout out "Online shopping, online shopping, online shopping". She was very curious on what I shopped online as she is also kinda into this as well.

So we do some exchanged on the info and I found out that I really do prefer to shop online, compared to conventional way of shopping. Then it makes me to start thinking the rational behind this. And below are some reasons that I think (not sure if this is the real reason) why I prefer to shop online :

1. More convenient, can shop at any time, anywhere

2. No need to be "tailed" by the "over-friendly" sales person at shops / counter

3. No need to wait in the long queque to pay

4. Can compare similar items with a few seller at one glance (just open a few more window or few more tabs)

5. Saving on time, no need to waste time drive here and there, no need to waste time to look for a parking on weekends at shopping complex

Hmmm... the above 5 reasons isn't it good enough for me to be an online-shopping freak? Ohhh, by the way, another friend of mine, ChinChin, she is also another online-shopping freak too!

The latest items which I purchased online :

Barney - Learn numbers with me - purchased from

Barney - A to Z with Barney - purchased from as well

Simple Dimple Stylist Diaper Backpack - purchased from as well

Tudung Syria - purchased from - thanks to Kai for rushing out the items to me~

Pants 4-03563 (Both color) + 4-03439 (Light brown) - purchased from

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