Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Khairiah, Khairiah

Gambar-gambar terbaru Khairiah, khas untuk adik-adik ku yang rindu kat Khairiah!

*What a Day*

Been very busy with works lately until have got no time to update my blogs here. Recently there are lots of things happened in my office. Too many until I have lost track of which come frist and which come second. But the only conclusion I can think of is, all this is really in a mess!

Being in a big organisation, it is norm to have office politics (well, I remembered a phrase which says, as long as the office has more than 1 staff, there will tend to have office politic!). I finally had a taste of it now. I used to think that my office's politic is the worst, now I know, it is because I haven't seen the worst of the worst yet!

My current office, isn't a really big organisation (number of staff <100 person). My department, I have 4 staff plus 1 female foreign worker who helps on filling and clerical works. Next to my department would be purchasing and then planning + MIS department. The whole of 3rd floor have around 16 staff inclusive me and another 2 HOD.

I guess I had describe enough details on my office layout... Now this is the story. When I first joined this company early this year, Ido noticed that one of the female staff from planning department always joke around with the foreign worker from my department. Well, to my observation, I saw the action was mutual, as in both of them were "enjoyed" playing and joking with each other. Of course the "playing" part inclusive of human touch which I saw no hesitation or embarrasement arrise from the planner. Hence, I do not take it as a serious matter.

Well, I was so wrong back then. We had a new HR Executive joined us somewhere last month and this planner straight away went to lodge a complain to this HR that my foreign worker (please bear in mind, a FEMALE foreign worker, okay?) sexual harassed her by touching her body!!!! Like it or not, the HR have to act on the complain and she had conducted several interviews with the staffs from third floor and finally a verbal warning had conducted.

Haizzz... My poor foreign worker was so upset and cried on this matter. I as the HOD, felt terrible bad on this matter as there is nothing much I can do except asking her to tell HR that she had been "touched" by that planner as well.

I do not know how would this end but as far as I know, I am seriously tired of this already!

Friday, April 17, 2009

~nothing special~

Rupa-rupanya dah lama sangat mira tak update blog mira nie~ Nak katakan sibuk, memang lahh sibuk.. Mana ader orang yang tak sibuk kat dunia nie, kan? But then masalah mira, I guess, is more towards penyakit malas kot~

Semalam cuti, teman Princess Khairiah gi Hospital Serdang buat follow up check-up... Sian tengok dia... Member2 dia yang sebaya ngan dia (Aqief, Khair) sekarang nyer appointment, tiap-tiap 6 bulan... Tapi Khairiah nyer appointment, tiap tiap bulan kena pergi. Sebulan kat Paeds, sebulan kat ENT. Nie Selasa depan kena pergi balik kat sana, kena buat Ultra Sound Scan kat bahagian abdomen dia.. Doktor kata limpa dia lebih besar dari size biasa... Even doktor Faizah tu pun cakap, "Khairiah, Khairiah, naper awak nie habis satu, satu lagi datang ek? Tak aper lahhh, harap2 semua ok ye.... "

Dah lama gak tak upload gambar Khairiah yang terbaru kat sini~ Kamera pulak lupa nak bawak, tertinggal kat dalam beg yang satu lagi tu~ Esok baru mira upload gambar Khairiah yang terbaru ek~

Thats all for now~ Hopefully I will have more time to update my blog now~ Cheers!!