Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Office

As a working adult, we "normally" spend 9 hours in our office, minus 1 hour lunch break, that would be 8 hours sitting in front of PC, and working. I guess I am the"unlucky" one, coz I spend more hours in the office.

Why? First of all, for those who do not know yet, I had sold my car almost a year ago before my princess was born (coz back then and then I was working at the same office as my hubby). In result of that, my hubby will send me to office first before he heading to his office in Kelana Jaya. That means I will normally reach my office around 8am (office hour starts at 9am).

I am not those people who like to minggle around, so I will just sit at my place, on my PC and surf internet (as usual lahhh~). The ding dong 9am, start work. Being in the accounts department means lots of computer works. I think this is one of the reasoon why my short-sighted (rabun) is getting bad~

Lunch time? Going out? Ohh no! It is so hot out there and plus, the nearest food court need us to drive out, walking is okay, but we will ended up sweating like h*ll lohhh. So most of the time will be eating in my office. After the quick lunch, again, internet session!

2pm, resume work until 6pm plus. Normally hubby will arrive my office around 6:35pm. After calculating, i think i spend 10hours plus in the office!!!

Can somebody tell me whether is this healthy or not?

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  1. amboi2 bersih nyer meja kak mira tak mcm meja kat tmpt keja lama dulu. huhuhuhu....