Monday, February 23, 2009

Help Needed!

My little princess is going to turn to be 1 year old by next month and both my and my hubby is planning to throw a small celebration for her at her grandma (wan) house.

We had basically planned everything and now left only the birthday cake which we have yet to order. I personally doesn't feel like ordering from the normal cake house and wanted so much to try some home-make cakes that can be order online.

So, just wonder anyone of you have any ideas / contacts that I can inquire about this?

Thanks a million!!


  1. belum lagi ahh nurul.. akak semmg nyer tak nak beli kek yg biasa2 kat kedai kek tu!! Duhhh!!! Help!!! Then, Nurul, naper akak dah tak leh nak masuk blog nurul ahhh???? nurul block akak ker??? nurul dah tak cayang kat akak lagi ker??? :"(

  2. nurul tak block kak mira laaa. hehehe. pi bukak blog nurul then kak mira tahu nape nurul terpaksa private blog nurul smlm. smlm jer. ari nie dah ok dah. hehehe :)