Monday, February 16, 2009

Dinner @ Shogun Sunway Pyramid

My friends and I had been planned to have gathering since before Chinese New Year. But since everybody was busy back then and then, so we had decided to have gathering during CNY (as long as before Chap Goh Mei). So, we had finally marked down the date of 5th Feb as the date for us to meet up.

Ohhh... Not to mentioned, the hassle we had when it comes to the venue. We had started with Shogun Pyramid, then someone suggested Tenji @ Hartamas, but unfortunately, their promotion only meant for lunch and we can only meet up during lunch on weekends where some of us have to head back to hometown on weekends. So, Tenjo was off the table. Then, come Eyuzu @ Eastin hotel which we were all so fancy about it and so eager to go there and try out. Then only we found out that the buffet was only meant for weekends. Again, no choice but to take Eyuzu off the table. Then we come across Momo @ Damansara, again, same issue, buffet only meant for weekends. Duhhhh!!!! Finally, we decided not to look anymore, maybe we were meant to go to Shogun Pyramid!

So, 04/02 came and guess what? Both my hubby and I were on MC!!! We were down with very bad flu and fever. However, since we had been long for this gathering, we had dragged ourselves to meet up with the rest there. Anyhow, we were there and having good time chit chatting while my little princess busy dropping this and that. And poor thing my hubby who has been 100% taking care of her which ended up he is still hungry after that (coz he didnt really eat anything at all)...

I don't have a chance to snap any photos on the food (also partly becoz I was way too busy eating them, instead of taking photo of them... Hahahahah!) But then one thing that all of us realised, was, since Shogun Pyramid was considered quite new (I think they started somewhere last year or late 2007)... But why all their plates are cracked one? I can hardly spot one plate which is okay one... Also, it is too crowded (space wise).... But whatever it is, dining is more of who we dine with... Since I am dining with all bunch of fun people, so the dinner ended up fun and great!

But then, will I pay another visit to Shogun Pyramind? I am afraid my answer will be "no"....


  1. seriously tgk gmbr yaya dlm blog nie rasa rindu sgt2 kat yaya.

  2. Poor thing... why you makan sampai forgot your hubby?? Take some food for him ma... while he take care, can makan also :D That's what we normally do. I take care of baby, he take food! :D

    a good way to occupy your girl is to give her food e.g. biscuit. Rice biscuit is more clean and tidy after makan. Those Rusk biscuits are messy... besides, can prepare carrot or cucumber for her to chew... then both of your can makan in peace! :) Hopefully it works for your girl too.

  3. Nurul : Kalo dah rindu sgt kat Yaya tu, tak erti2 nak singgah umah akak ker? Heheheheh~ Suruh Sepul antar nurul.. I guess dia pun suka nak main ngan Yaya tu~

    Amanda : :"( I actually did took some food for him, but he is not like us, multi-tasking~ He is not good at that! By the way, thanks for the food tips! I do agree with the Rusk biscuit thingy~