Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Little Princess

Normally at this hour I had already be in hubby's car heading to fetch my little princess, Khairiah. However, I am stuck in the office today, still waiting for my turn to meet my boss (seems like he is such a busy man!!! Tunggu dari pukul 3 petang sampai karang nie tak sama turn mira lagi... Sabar, sabar!!)

Back to the story. Khairiah is now 11 months and 4 days old and she is extremely active, naughty, etc etc etc. If I scold her, she will not look at me for a while or until I talk to her back (in a nicer way). If I hit her for her bad behavior, she will keep quiet but start to cry when she sees her father.

Yesterday after we fetch her and on our way home, she was happily playing her toy and suddenly (don't know why) she hit me on my face. I took her hand and I hit her twice at her palm. Goshhh!! You won't be able to imagine how loud and how pity the way she cried. As if like I hit her very strong.

Next month she will be turning 1 year old and soon, she will start to walk. OMG! Walk??? I guess that will be the starting point for my good exercise!!


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  2. Abigail is the same! When I scold her, she will not look at me... then curi curi peep me see whether am I still angry... the different is she will pretend cute and make you laugh or come and give you a kiss to cool you down.
    She will also sometimes hit my face... but she's not angry! I guess they want to sayang but dont know the gentle way? I'm wondering too! :)