Monday, February 16, 2009

It's my blog, finally!

I had always wanted to start my own blog to journal down my everyday's activities, or even just to journal down anything that I feel like sharing. After been putting aside for so long due to my tight schedule of work, I had finally make it, now! I used to keep a blog thru but somehow rather it has been stopped for quite a while (mainly because there are things that I don't want certain people in my friends list to know or read).

Hmmm... I have a big dilema now. Should I keep my blog in English, Malay or Chinese? I think I can put aside Chinese as most of my friends can't read Chinese... So, English or Malay? Any suggestion?

I just being told by my staff that something happened and need me to attend to it now... Guess I have to sign off this very first entry at here. Watch out as more and more entry will be posted in here, soon!


1 comment:

  1. ermmm nurul rasa campur2 pun ok tulis in english and malay language :) nice blog :).