Monday, May 11, 2009

~Survey Review~

Hmmm... Lots of u must be thinking, what kind of survey review I am talking about. Well, as an ISO certified company, we need to conduct a yearly survey and last few weeks, HR had conducted a "Employee Satisfaction Survey".

Inside this survey, include the likeness / dislikeness of subordinate towards their direct superior, employees' views on the current benefits provided by the company, etc etc etc~

To my surprise, when I was rated by my own staff, I was at the 2nd LAST!!!! I never want to be at the top, but never expect to be at the bottom!! I just can't imagine that.

And to make things more funny, when I was rated by other department, I was actually at No 2 from top... You see what I mean?

This is really like Yo-Yo.. Up and down, and then up again~~~

The review will be on 13/05.. HR had told me that boss found it very surprising that I was at the bottom and request her to conduct some "investigation"... I am so depressed right now! Goshhh~

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