Monday, May 11, 2009

Cameron Highland 01/05/09 ~ 03/05/09 (Day 1)

My family and I had planned for a holliday break during Labour Day holiday. Since May is Mothers' Day, so we planned to bring mum to Cameron Highlands to relax herself, at the same time to let her have some fun buying fresh veggies.

So, on May 1st, I had woke up at 6am to get myself and Khairiah ready for the ride. By the time we get out from the house, its already 6:45am and we supposed to reach mum's place at 7am (as promised with Nancy). Tup tup, reached there around 7:20am.. Luckily Nancy isn't mad yet! Hahahaha!

Then we proceed our journey to meet up with Jessica at Rawang's R&R. While waiting for Jessie, we had our breakfast there, with lots of other people (guess everybody is on their vacation since its a long weekend break). Can you imagine, even nasi lemak bungkus also out of stock??

After long wait for the nasi lemak bungkus, and Jessie & Robert had finally arrived together with their princess Yin Shuen, we started our journey to Simpang Pulai then to Cameron Highland. Well, I am lucky coz my hubby is my driver, so basically me and Khairiah was having our time spend by taking naps... hehehehe~ Thanks abang!

After around 3hours drive, we reached Simpang Pulai and proceed to Cameron Highland by by-passing Kg Raja.. All the way, still okay... But upon reaching Kg Raja, OMG! The horrible jam started!!! We jam all the way from Kg Raja till Brinchang.. Can you imagine that? Result from that, my bro in law's car broke down nearby Bee's Farm. Poor Nancy, on top of the expenses of this holiday break, she need to spend extra 400 for the car repair~~

My hubby's car reached the apartment first as mum and sis asked us to check in first. So after ding dong here and there, the whole group arrived at the apartment around 4pm. Too tired of the jam, we didnt make it to anywhere but just rest at the apartment.

Around 7pm, we walked to GoldenWin Restaurant for our steamboat dinner. It was indeed nice and everybody really enjoy the food. My hubby ended up ate 3 bowl of rice. Heheheh~

We end the first day by visiting the night market (pasar malam) although it was raining then. We grabbed so many tit bits (apam balik, fried sweet potato ball, steam sweet potato, sweet corn, etc etc etc)...

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