Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cameron Highlands 01/05/09~03/05/09 (Day 2)

Day 2 started with me being awake by noise from outside of my room while Khairiah & abang still in their sweet dreams. Opened the door and saw Nancy & mum was all dressed up and ready to go together with Oscar. I looked at my watch again, goshhh! Its only 6:00am! So just out of curiousity, asked where do they want to go... Seems like mum want to go and have her morning walk at the vegetable market which is just around the corner from our apartment.
So I went back to my room and decided that it should be time to go shower and get ready. The water was so cold (although there were heater but there are times where the water were just as cold as ice!!) After I finished showering, my little Khairiah had already woke up, coz the big brother Alex came in and disturbed her... Get her all dressed up as well, then only I woke up abang.
Mum, Nancy & Oscar came back from morning market around 7:30am and was told that nothing interesting. So we decided to walked up to Cactus Farm after breakfast at hotel (since bro in law's car still under repair and will only be available in the evening). When we arrived at the breakfast area, it was so PACKED!!! Most of the food served were finished and we had to wait for the refill to come. Finished eating around 10am then proceed to the front desk to extend for another night of stay and it cost us another RM 450...
Walking up to Cactus Farm, looking around at the small stalls along the roadside, bought some fresh veggie (salad to be exact), curi-curi plug off a few strawberries without paying for it, bought some cactus for my mum in law also for my sis in law... We spend almost the whole afternoon at Cactus Farm coz it is quite huge.
Ohhhh~ We got to taste their custom made strawberry ice cream (something like ais krim potong). Nice and as usual, my little Khairiah just loved it so much until mum was scolding me for giving her too much of strawberries!!
From Cactus Farm, we straight away went to Pasar Malam (yes, pasar malam, again!) and grab some food for dinner as we dont intend to go anywhere for the rest of the day. Saw this stall selling pork-free char kueh tiaw and it just smells so nice. So everybody was lining up and order for their own preference (with prawn, with "hum", with eggs, with veggie, etc etc etc) And it was so lucky that we actually decided not to go anywhere that evening coz the rest of the day, Cameron Highlands was having a very heavy rain until the next morning!!
We dozzed off and went to our dreamland in breeze and cold weather~

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