Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Khairiah & her new chair

It has been a while since my last update on this blog. Rasa-rasa nyer penyakit malas yang melanda my adik Nurul telah datang berjangkit! Aduh!! Tak per, tak per, anyhow I am here to update my latest story...

Actually nothing much to be updated as at for now, coz my attention is now on the coming saturday's event (Khairiah's birthday celebration!) For those who had been very nice on sharing the ideas of menu, places to get homemake cake, THANKS!!

Hmmm.. Looking at the photo on top, isn't Khairiah looks cute sitting on that chair? Hehehe~ Me & hubby grab it from Ikea last weekend. We actually planned to bought her a high chair (a.k.a baby chair) but unfortunately, theat item was out of stock. I guess everybody is rushing to buy that coz it is really cheap (RM 49.00). I think we will have to make it another trip to Ikea to buy that when the stock is available (who knows when?).

Lets cross our finger and pray hard that this coming saturday's event is gonna be a fun one, okay? Will upload pictures of the celebration on next monday~

Chaos for now!

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